Client Testimonials & Reviews


  • L

    Lala R

    Nov, 2021

    Responsive, Honest, Great Service

    Franklin D Azar and his entire firm / associates were all beyond professional and attentive. They were responsive, honest, and offered great services. I would recommend FDA to anyone needing assistance or services.

  • F

    Fran O

    Nov, 2021

    Anna N. Martinez,
    Helpful, Informing, Professional

    Helen was my main contact. She was extremely helpful in making my process much smoother (plus she’s a hoot). My Attorney was very confident and informing (thank you Anna). I hope I don’t need your services again but, if I do I know who to call!

  • C

    Cathie M

    Nov, 2021

    Benjamin Hares,

    Was impressed with my Attorney Benjamin Hares. Answered and took care of any concerns I had through the whole process. Always had my best interest at heart.

  • V

    Val G

    Nov, 2021

    Honesty, Communication, Professional

    I hope no one has to seek help from a lawyer but if you do need help the Frank Azar team is great to work with. my case turned out as expected, I was always spoken with the truth and no run around, great communication and professionalism from day one till the last. Thank you all

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    Cam M

    Nov, 2021

    Honesty, Results

    Fantastic Team at Frank Azar & Associates!!! Can’t thank you all enough for helping my family and I in a time of crisis. Your honesty, straightforwardness and understanding through this process has been greatly appreciated. Outstanding job and outstanding results!!

  • K

    Kory C

    Oct, 2021

    Respectful, Informative, Professional

    This organization truly knows how to take care of its clients. At all times I was kept up to date on all information. My team that I had working for me we’re complete professionals and extremely respectful. I recommend this organization to anyone that may not know any legal proceedings because these teams will ensure that you are fully informed at all times. Thank you again for your help and streamlined process.

  • W

    William N

    Oct, 2021

    Kim Reopke,
    Courteous, Informative, Professional

    I can’t say enough about Kimberly Roepke and her staff. They are very professional and courteous. If I had any problems or questions Kim and her staff responded Asap. I was always informed of all aspects of my case. I would highly recommend Kimberly Roepke and her staff for work comp needs.

  • J

    John L

    Oct, 2021

    Alexander Beale,
    Responsive, Helpful

    The whole legal team was very helpful and responsive, Alexander Beale handled my mediation with great skill, making the daunting process very manageable and easy. He made clear communication and was upfront and helpful throughout litigation.

  • K

    Kari S

    Sep, 2021


    They worked very hard and always had my best interest a heart. I was always comfortable in calling with any questions regarding my case. I now know there is a lot more to it in the protocol. And they were very genuine in helping me understand that. My Lawyer was amazing. I want to thank all at Frank Azar for everything. I’m very happy how everything turned out.

  • C

    Christy H

    Sep, 2021

    Suzanne Childress,
    Informative, Supportive, Professional

    It was a pleasure to work with them, Suzanne was very kind, informative, and supportive throughout my process.

  • K

    Kathryn O

    Aug, 2021

    Dustin Gaston,
    Understanding, Informative, Responsive

    Kathryn Ortega had the pleasure of working with Dustin Gaston. Dustin was always friendly and professional. I’m a mom of three and wasn’t always prepared for our conversations. He was understanding and patient while stepped away from my children. He was prepared to answer any questions I had and I left every call feeling good about the information he gave me. It was not easy seaking help. Nothing about getting in an accident is easy, especially if you are in need of medical attention due to your accident. It made things easier and I felt safe with Dustin on my side! I was able to get all the help I needed and I am back to a pain free life thanks to Dustin Gaston with Franklin D. Azar and Associates.

  • E

    Ellieknarr H

    Jul, 2021

    Caring, Professional, Responsive

    The firm called me back immediately and went to work to get me medical attention quickly. They called frequently to see how I was doing. They are very caring and professional. I am very happy I called Frank Azar!

  • H

    Hannah F

    Jul, 2021

    Attentive, Informative

    Good experience dealing with a difficult situation. My accident was serious and I wasn’t sure what to do. My attorney paid close attention to my case and walked me through every phase of my case. Thank you frank Azar.

  • S

    Samuel H

    Jul, 2021

    Results, Professional

    December 2020 I got into a really bad car accident and I knew who to call, Franklin D Azar and his law firm have taken care of me since day one! A lot of rough times were ahead of me but they were there every step of the way. If you want the best results call the best in the business. I can’t thank them enough for all the time and work they put in for me.

  • T

    Terry J

    Jul, 2021

    DezaRae LaCrue,
    Communication, Outstanding

    My husband’s lawyer, Dezi Lacrue was outstanding. She also had great staff to support her. Good communication and follow through. We really felt like we had someone “in our corner” and looking out for our best interests. The settlement was more than fair.

  • K

    Kevin K

    Jun, 2021

    Professional, Responsive

    I would like to thanks Ryan Hoover from Frank Azar & Associates for their professionalism for my case. I would not know what do on my own. They answered every question and concern promptly. It allowed me to make the best decision for me and my family. If you get injured on the job call the strong arm!

  • M

    Matthew H

    Jun, 2021

    Honesty, Ethics, Integrity

    I contacted Frank Azar late in my case, but they were still able to give me advice on how to follow through. They were very honest and up front telling me that I had negotiated a very good sum and that it was very likely that I would not be able to ask for more than the insurance offered. I value that ethics, honesty, and integrity come first for them. Very thorough as well!

  • M

    Mary E

    May, 2021

    Bill Marlin,
    Kindness, Compassion, Value

    After receiving numerous correspondence from car and medical insurance companies, courts, bills, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure what I should sign or agree to. My son recommended I get in touch with Bill Marlin. He was a godsend. With his clear explanation of procedures and expected outcome, I became confident that all legal matters would be resolved.
    As a victim, I very much appreciated his kindness, compassion, and reassurance that I would get some compensation. I received the maximum possible!
    I would give Bill Marlin the highest rating and easily recommend him to others.

  • B

    Brantley J

    Feb, 2021

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Best there is in Colorado. Insurance company gave me a low offer and said take it or leave it. I left it and got the StrongArm. Way faster settlement than I thought. The lawyer was great!