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Injured on a Construction or Industrial Site?

A significant number of workers’ comp cases stem from getting injured on the job at a construction site or industrial facility. The injury may involve a fall, strain from heavy lifting, malfunctioning equipment, or some other factor, but it’s generally a well-defined injury with a clear cause. Yet even injuries that are clearly work-related can end up being disputed by employers and their insurers, so it’s important to take steps to preserve your rights and protect your claim. Consulting with an Colorado construction accident attorney doesn’t obligate you to pursue legal representation, but it’s a good way to ensure that you are doing what you need to do to protect your rights.

The most important action you can take is to get medical assistance and report the injury promptly to your employer. In construction and industrial workplaces, employers are required by law to post signs instructing their employees as to the procedures they should take when injured on the job. If you don’t report the injury in writing within four days, you don’t give up your claim, but the delay could impact the extent to which you can recover wages lost as a result of the injury.

Franklin D. Azar

Colorado Construction Accident Lawyer, Franklin D. Azar

The second critical step is to contact a qualified Colorado workers’ comp attorney. At Franklin D. Azar & Associates, we offer free, no-obligation consultations and are happy to explain your options if you’re injured on the job. While some minor claims may not require the assistance of an attorney, legal representation can be particularly important if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Delays in payments of lost wages or medical bills
  • Interference with medical care
  • Denial of required procedures
  • An employer’s insistence that a “nurse care manager” attend medical visits
  • Failure to provide the injured employee with a timely choice of physicians from whom to seek treatment

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