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Who Is Liable In A Road Debris Accident?

It happens more frequently than most people realize. A chair, a mattress, or some other piece of furniture comes tumbling off the back of a poorly loaded pickup truck. A worn-out tire on a big rig starts to unravel, spewing thick fragments of tread across the road. A dump truck headed for the landfill hits […]

FDA Issues Warning To Pet Food Company Over Deadly Violations

The Food and Drug Administration has issued an unusual corporate-wide warning letter to a pet food company, after inspections of its four manufacturing plants revealed conditions that have been linked to the illness or death of hundreds of dogs that had consumed the company’s dry dog food. The letter is directed to Midwestern Pet Foods, […]

Putting A Value On Your Personal Injury Case: How Hard Can It Be?

As a society, we’re accustomed to assigning a hard cash value to just about everything. We shop on Amazon or eBay to find the best price for new sneakers or old baseball cards. We scour online listings to find just the right car at the right figure. We watch the experts on Antiques Roadshow appraise […]

Driving Safe: Have You Checked For Recalls Lately?

Most drivers are accustomed to checking their vehicle’s oil, tire pressure, and other vital signs on a regular basis — or at least checking the dashboard lights for any unusual alerts from the car’s own monitoring system. But when was the last time you checked whether your ride was subject to any recalls? Performing a […]

Serious Injuries From Hit-And-Run Accidents: How To Fight Back

After a sharp decline during the pandemic shutdown, hit-and-run crashes are once again on the rise in Colorado. Denver alone has had 3,541 hit-and-run accident reports filed in the first seven months of 2021, an average of 505 per month — slightly more than 16 a day. Behind those disturbing numbers are a lot of […]

Dashcams: Can They Help Your Case After An Accident?

Not too long ago, dash-mounted cameras seemed to be found almost exclusively in patrol cars used by state troopers and other law-enforcement personnel. But now you can find excerpts of disturbing crash videos all over YouTube and the nightly news, many of them taken by ordinary drivers who have turned to dashcams as a way […]

Truck Accidents: Leading Causes of Serious Injuries

Some of the most serious crashes on the road involve collisions between large commercial trucks and passenger vehicles. In such cases, the occupants of the car are far more likely to face the prospect of major or even fatal injuries. Big rigs are 20-30 times heavier than passenger cars, with much greater ground clearance, which […]

Benzene In Your Sunscreen: Should You Be Worried?

After last year’s shutdowns and social distancing, the annual rites of summer — getting outdoors, hitting the beach or the mountains, having fun in the sun — seem more appealing than ever. But a new report that raises questions about the safety of sunscreen products has consumers worried and health officials scrambling for answers. At […]

Watch Your Step: Important Pedestrian Safety Tips

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that Denver, Colorado, was once one of the most innovative cities in the world when it came to pedestrian safety? It’s true. In the 1940s visionary traffic engineer Henry Barnes retooled the stop lights in downtown Denver so that auto traffic would come to a halt in all […]

Bad Faith Lawsuits: Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

We all rely on insurance companies to protect us when something goes wrong, whether it’s a car accident or a house fire or a medical emergency. But what can you do if your auto insurance company rejects your claim without an explanation, fails to adequately investigate the claim, or attempts to settle the claim for […]

Colorado’s Ten Most Congested Roads — And What They’re Costing Us

Congested roads and highways cost Colorado drivers $3.5 billion a year in lost time and wasted fuel, according to a new economic report. And the rising traffic is having an impact not only on motorists’ wallets but on the quality of life in the Centennial State and its economic health. The report, “Keeping Colorado Mobile,” […]

Keeping Safe On The Roads This Summer

Summer road trips can be the best of times — and the worst of times. Too much sun, too much traffic, and too little planning can transform a relaxing summer outing into a stressful ordeal, marred by vehicle breakdowns or worse. Fortunately, it’s possible to prepare for and prevent some of the more common trip […]