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If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in Boulder because of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness, you’re likely facing a lengthy and painful recovery. As you deal with your injuries and losses, you don’t need the added burden of fighting with insurance companies or navigating the legal system on your own to recover compensation from those responsible.

An experienced Boulder personal injury lawyer can guide you through the claims process and help you obtain the compensation and justice you deserve.

The personal injury attorneys at Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C., have helped thousands of injured clients in Boulder and across Colorado with their complex personal injury claims. We know that no amount of money can undo the trauma you’ve suffered or bring back a loved one who someone took from you too soon.

But by holding the negligent parties accountable and securing a fair financial recovery, we can help lift your burdens and provide the support and resources you need to heal and move forward with your life. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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Why Choose Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C., to Handle Your Boulder Personal Injury Claim?

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There are many personal injury firms in Boulder, but not all have the experience, resources, and track record of success that Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C., offers.

Here are a few key reasons to trust our team with your case:

  • For over three decades, we’ve been representing plaintiffs in personal injury and class action cases. We have a deep understanding of this complex area of law and know what it takes to prevail against powerful defendants and insurance companies.
  • We’ve recovered over $2.3 billion in compensation for our clients, including many multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts. While we can’t guarantee specific results, we can promise to fight zealously to secure the best possible outcome for you.
  • As one of the largest plaintiff injury law firms in Colorado, we have the resources to go toe-to-toe with deep-pocketed defendants. We work with top experts and use cutting-edge technology to build powerful cases.
  • You are more than just a case file to us. We take the time to get to know you and understand the full impact your injuries have had on your life. You can count on us to be accessible, answer your questions, and keep you updated on your case.
  • We prepare every case as if it’s going to trial and never back down from a fight. The insurance companies know we mean business and aren’t afraid to take them to court if necessary.
  • You pay no upfront costs and no attorney fees at all unless and until we recover compensation for you. We only get paid if you do.

To discover the difference Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C., can make in your Boulder personal injury case, reach out to us today for a no-cost case evaluation.

What Types of Personal Injury Claims Do You Handle?

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Our Boulder personal injury attorneys handle many personal injury cases involving negligence, recklessness, or intentional wrongdoing, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Rideshare Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Construction Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Class Actions
  • Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Statistics for Boulder and Colorado

Unintentional injuries are a leading cause of death and disability in Boulder and throughout Colorado.

Consider these statistics:

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  • In the Boulder area, unintentional injuries are the 4th leading cause of death, claiming over 130 lives per year on average.
  • Statewide, unintentional injuries from motor vehicle crashes and other incidents are the third leading cause of death in Colorado, causing over 3,000 fatalities each year.
  • Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for over 600 deaths and 3,000 serious injuries in Colorado annually. Boulder County averages over 30 traffic fatalities and 130 serious injuries per year.
  • Falls are the leading cause of injury hospitalization in Colorado, with over 27,000 inpatient admissions per year and an average of over 800 fall injury hospitalizations in Boulder County annually.

On average, 85 Boulder-area residents die from unintentional injuries each year and many more are seriously hurt, often due to the negligence of others. These statistics represent real people whose lives have been shattered and underscore the need to hold negligent parties accountable.

Types of Personal Injuries People Suffer in Boulder

Some of the most common types of personal injuries we see include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains, contusions)
  • Lacerations and puncture wounds
  • Burns
  • Traumatic brain injuries (concussions, hemorrhage, skull fractures)
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Internal injuries
  • Neck and back injuries (whiplash, herniations, spinal stenosis)
  • Loss of limbs
  • Illnesses from toxic exposure
  • Emotional and psychological trauma

No matter what type of injury you’ve suffered, our attorneys can assess your case and advise you of your legal options for seeking compensation.

What Should I Do After an Accident in Boulder?

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The steps you take after an accident can have a big impact on your health, well-being, and legal rights.

Here are some key things to do to protect yourself:

  • Get Medical Treatment: Nothing is more important than your health and safety. Seek medical attention right away, even if you think your injuries are minor. Some serious conditions may not be immediately apparent. Be sure to tell your doctor about all your symptoms and follow their treatment advice.
  • Report the Accident: Call 911 or local law enforcement to report a traffic crash, crime, or other accidents causing injury or property damage. For a premises liability incident, notify the manager or property owner.
  • Document Everything: If possible, gather evidence at the scene including photos of injuries, property damage, and conditions that may have caused the accident. Get names and contact information for any witnesses.
  • Avoid Discussions of Fault: It’s best not to make statements apologizing or speculating about fault for the accident. Stick to the facts of what occurred.
  • Watch What You Say to Insurers: Insurance adjusters may contact you seeking a recorded statement or offering a quick settlement. It’s advisable to refer them to your attorney and avoid discussing your case until you have legal representation.
  • Call a Boulder Personal Injury Lawyer: Consulting with an experienced attorney is the best way to understand your rights and options. At Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C., we offer free consultations and there’s no obligation to hire us. You have nothing to lose by getting our opinion on your case.

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?


To have a viable personal injury claim, you typically need an attorney to show that:

  • Another party (person or entity) acted negligently or wrongfully
  • The other party’s negligence or wrongdoing caused your injuries
  • You incurred compensable damages you need to recover

Negligence generally means the failure to use reasonable care, resulting in harm to others.

Some examples of negligent conduct that commonly lead to injury claims include:

  • Driving while distracted, drunk, or fatigued
  • Failure to maintain safe premises
  • Selling defective and dangerous products

Of course, every case is unique. The best way to determine if you have a claim is to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can evaluate your situation.

What’s the Personal Injury Claims Process in Colorado?

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While the specific process varies depending on the facts of your case, a personal injury claim generally proceeds through these basic steps:

  1. You sustained an injury due to negligence and got medical treatment
  2. You consult with and hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you
  3. Your attorney investigates your case, gathers evidence, and analyzes your damages
  4. Your lawyer submits an injury claim to the at-fault party’s insurance company
  5. Settlement negotiations occur between your attorney and the insurer
  6. If the other party won’t negotiate a fair settlement, your attorney files a personal injury lawsuit
  7. The discovery process occurs where each side requests and exchanges relevant information
  8. Mediation or other negotiations may take place to attempt to resolve your case out of court
  9. If no settlement is reached, your case goes to trial where a judge or jury decides the outcome
  10. If successful, you receive your injury compensation via settlement or court award

Many cases settle out of court, but we prepare every case as if it is going to trial and are always ready to fight for you in court if needed.

What’s My Boulder Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The value of your claim depends on many factors unique to your case, such as:

  • The severity of your injuries and resulting impairments/disabilities
  • The costs of your medical treatment and future care needs
  • How much income and benefits you’ve lost from missing work
  • The strength of evidence proving liability and damages
  • Insurance policy limits and ability to collect a judgment

While we must assess your specific situation to estimate your case value, these are some common types of compensation available in a personal injury claim:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost Income and work-related benefits
  • Loss of future earning capacity if you suffered a permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Out-of-pocket costs

If someone’s negligence or intentional or intentional misconduct killed a close family member, you may qualify to pursue wrongful death damages to help with funeral costs and other related expenses. Our Boulder attorneys work hard to build strong claims and fight for maximum compensation so our clients have the financial resources they need to move forward.

What’s the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Boulder?

American Institution of Legal Advocates - Top Lawyers 2023 For most personal injury cases, the statute of limitations in Colorado is two years from the date of injury. However, there are some exceptions and nuances to this rule such as:

  • Car Accident Claims – For auto accident cases, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the crash.
  • Minor Children – If the injury victim was under age 18 at the time of injury, they have two years from their 18th birthday to file suit.
  • Claims Against Government – If your claim is against a government entity, special rules apply, and you may need to file a formal notice of claim as soon as 182 days after the injury.
  • Discovery Rule – In some cases, the “clock” may not start running until the date you discover or reasonably should have discovered your injury.

Don’t wait too long to take action. You can lose your right to compensation entirely if you miss the statute of limitations and fail to have an attorney file a claim or lawsuit for you within the applicable deadline.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Boulder Personal Injury Claim?

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This is another question that depends heavily on the unique circumstances of your case.

Some of the key factors that affect how long your case may take to resolve include:

  • Severity of Injuries: More severe injuries and complex cases tend to take longer than minor injury claims.
  • Medical Treatment: It’s generally advisable to wait until you reach maximum medical improvement before resolving your claim.
  • Liability Disputes: If the other party contests fault, it can drag the process out.
  • Cooperation of Defendant: An uncooperative defendant who refuses to negotiate in good faith or drags their feet on responding to discovery requests can extend the process.
  • Court Backlog: If your case goes into litigation, the court’s calendar and caseload can impact the timeline.

Most personal injury cases settle before trial. Some claims can resolve more quickly than others. Our Boulder injury attorneys work efficiently to keep your case moving and secure your compensation as quickly as possible.

What If I’m Partially at Fault for My Injuries?

Colorado follows a modified comparative negligence rule in personal injury cases. You may still be able to recover compensation as long as you are not more than 50% at fault. However, the court may reduce your compensation by your assigned percentage of fault.

Even if you think you may be partially to blame for your injuries, don’t make any assumptions about your right to compensation. Consult an experienced Boulder personal injury lawyer who can analyze all the factors at play and give you an honest assessment of your claim.

Get Help From a Boulder Personal Injury Attorney

You could obtain significant compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered because of another party’s negligence in Boulder, CO. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you or pressure you into accepting less than you deserve.

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