“The Law is a competitive sport. Don’t lose”

Joseph Sirchio was born in Lagrange Park, Illinois. In deciding his career as an attorney, he realized the law provides a way for the little guy to take on powerful interests on and win. As an attorney, he could help put the broken back together and assist the fallen back on their feet. Mr. Sirchio used this thought and moved forward with his education to make a difference.

Mr. Sirchio attended the University of Iowa where he graduated with degrees in History and Biology. After completing his dual degrees, Mr. Sirchio attended law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law, listed as one of the “Top 100” law schools in the country. After law school, Mr. Sirchio established a solo practice focusing on criminal law and business transactions. He became licensed to practice law in Illinois in 2010. For two years, he had the opportunity to visit all of Cook County’s criminal courthouses. It was apparent to him that the disparate resources available to defendants resulted in unjustifiably varying outcomes. In an effort to address this inequity, Mr. Sirchio volunteered to work for free at Summary Suspension hearings to help those who were unable to hire an attorney.

In 2012 Mr. Sirchio moved to Denver and obtained his license to practice law in Colorado. He practiced criminal and family law and gained trial experience in trials in Weld, Arapahoe, Elbert, Denver, Jefferson, La Junta, Adams, and El Paso County. In 2014, Mr. Sirchio transitioned into personal injury law and he now represents those injured by insurance companies and negligent reckless individuals. He joined Frank Azar & Associates in January 2016 where he remains passionate about helping those who are unfairly denied coverage and compensation by insurance companies with unlimited resources.

When he’s not working, Joe enjoys cycling, hunting, camping, traveling, and snowboarding. Spending time outdoors allows him to decompress from time spent in the courtroom.

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    David B

    Oct, 2023

    Joseph Sirchio
    Informative, Efficient

    Frank Azar did a fantastic job! Joseph Sirchio was awesome and kept me informed, took care of the settlement quickly without me having to do anything! Fernando the investigator met me in the hospital the day after my accident. Great service and good people! Thank you!

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    Marina L

    Jul, 2023

    Joseph Sirchio
    Results, Helpful

    First off I would like to say how extremely grateful I am to have had Joe Sirchio with Frank Azar as our attorney through these difficult times. My son was really hurt by a drunk driver and recently I was T-boned with my little guy in the backseat, Joe fought very hard for us and got us more than we expected and I appreciate Joe Sirchio and the whole Frank Azar office. I’m not sure how we would have gotten through all of this without there help.Thank you all so much!

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    Esther L

    Feb, 2023

    Joseph Sirchio
    Communicative, Helpful

    From a difficult accident and a long road of recovery my support throughout this was a pillar and all the wisdom and experience anyone can ever hope to get. Joe Sirchio was there every time and helped me through questions and constant challenges if it wasn’t for him and the Azar team I wouldn’t be able to fair through a very challenging time absolutely number one and the best you can wish for thank you from me and my family!! You guys are number one for a reason