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Some injuries on the job can’t be tied to a particular incident or date. These include occupational diseases, such as those resulting from exposure over time to noxious fumes or chemicals, or repetitive motion injuries from working on an assembly line or some other highly repetitive task. These can be more challenging cases to pursue than a fall or equipment-related accident, and they are likely to be met with objections and obstacles raised by your employer — and that’s all the more reason to seek out legal help from our Colorado workplace injury lawyers in order to pursue your claim.

Franklin D. Azar

Colorado Workplace Injury Lawyer, Franklin D. Azar

Keep in mind that your employer and their insurance company are interested in seeing the claim settled for as little payout as possible. The more complex the case, the more critical it is to have an experienced workers’ comp attorney to help find your way through the quagmire. As with industrial or construction injuries, you must report the injury as soon as possible after you start developing symptoms. You may need medical experts on your side to contest employer claims that the injury did not occur or has causes outside the workplace. An attorney can also make sure you are not shortchanged on wage loss calculations; that you’re not retaliated against or brought back to work to perform “light duty” and then terminated; and that you receive the benefits you’re entitled to under the law, from major medical bills to the mileage reimbursement you’re allowed to claim for trips to doctors or pharmacies.

The other side has adjustors, lawyers, and experts on their team in an effort to pay the bare minimum to settle your claim. Don’t try to take them on by yourself. Our Colorado personal injury attorneys are here to help.

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