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Bad Faith Lawsuits: Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

We all rely on insurance companies to protect us when something goes wrong, whether it’s a car accident or a house fire or a medical emergency. But what can you do if your auto insurance company rejects your claim without an explanation, fails to adequately investigate the claim, or attempts to settle the claim for […]

Colorado’s Ten Most Congested Roads — And What They’re Costing Us

Congested roads and highways cost Colorado drivers $3.5 billion a year in lost time and wasted fuel, according to a new economic report. And the rising traffic is having an impact not only on motorists’ wallets but on the quality of life in the Centennial State and its economic health. The report, “Keeping Colorado Mobile,” […]

Keeping Safe On The Roads This Summer

Summer road trips can be the best of times — and the worst of times. Too much sun, too much traffic, and too little planning can transform a relaxing summer outing into a stressful ordeal, marred by vehicle breakdowns or worse. Fortunately, it’s possible to prepare for and prevent some of the more common trip […]

The Safest Cars To Drive Right Now

If safety is your top priority in shopping for a new car, here’s the good news: rapid advances in sensor technology and crash protection have resulted in more new vehicles being highly rated for safety than ever before. There are so many new safety features to choose from, in fact, that it may be difficult […]

A Lethal Combination : Drug Overdoses Rise Sharply During Pandemic

It’s official. 2020 was a record year for drug overdose deaths in the United States. Most states saw a sharp rise in the number of deaths related to opioid use, and in the hardest-hit areas, the number of drug-related deaths actually exceeded the number of deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Data collected by the […]

Colorado’s Most Dangerous Roads for Motorcycles

2020: COLORADO’S MOST DEADLY YEAR FOR MOTORCYCLES The Colorado Department of Transportation recently revealed that 2020 was Colorado’s deadliest year for motorcyclists. For Motorcycle Awareness Month, the CDOT has launched a new campaign focused on increasing motorcycle safety. Although the pandemic saw generally reduced traffic, 137 motorcyclists died on Colorado roadways in 2020. This ranks […]

Lawsuits Mount Over Snapchat Speed Filter

It’s no secret that distracted driving associated with cell phone use, especially texting, causes thousands of fatal accidents every year. But recent court actions have put a spotlight on a controversial app that critics say encourages risky and distracted behavior among young drivers, with tragic results. The Snapchat speed filter allows a user to overlay speedometer […]

Getting Serious About Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

Surveys by insurance companies indicate that three out of every four drivers on the road have been in an accident at least once in their driving careers. The average driver files an insurance claim for a collision approximately once every 18 years. In other words, drivers will have experienced at least one car crash by the […]

How To Fight Back Against Robocalls

The only thing worse than getting a text pushing a miraculous anti-aging pill is getting a phone call from an automated voice, or a real person who sounds like a robot, offering an extended warranty on your car or claiming that you owe money to the IRS. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve had your […]

Buckle Up! Facts and Myths About Seat Belts

It’s the most low-tech, taken-for-granted piece of safety equipment in your car. But buckling your seat belt remains the single smartest, life-saving decision you can make every time you get on the road. For most of us, seat belt use is more or less automatic, a no-brainer. (It’s also required by law in every state […]

FDA Warning Against Supplements for Depression

FDA WARNS AGAINST TREATING DEPRESSION WITH SUPPLEMENTS For several months, mental health researchers have been tracking a surge in reported cases of depression tied to the global pandemic. A recent US Census Bureau survey suggests that four times as many people were coping with symptoms of anxiety and depression in 2020 than in the previous […]

Snowboarding Injuries

All About Snowboarding Injuries If you’re wondering about common snowboarding injuries and what to do if you’re hurt, you’ve come to the right place. Snow-sports like skiing and snowboarding are fun, exciting ways to get exercise. Unfortunately, they also come with their fair share of inherent risks. Since Colorado is home to so many prime […]