I want to Thank the entire team at Frank Azar. I was recently in a high impact automobile accident. I was T-boned in the driver’s side door. The fire department said the other vehicle came into my car by a foot. I did not see the other driver. I’m not really sure how my husband got the other driver’s Insurance information, either. I can tell you that the entire team at Frank Azar worked very hard to get my claims paid. I was going round and round with the insurance companies and was having a hard time getting the care I needed. I had fractured my pelvis in 3 places and was unable to walk. I am currently still getting physical therapy and am now walking with a walker by myself. Joe was very kind and answered all my questions when I had one. I cannot thank them enough for helping me to get through this very unpleasant situation. Just knowing that my medical bills are covered and I can continue with the physical therapy that I need to regain my independence, Just this alone is more then a BLESSING. My accident was on July 6, 2022 . Joe and the Frank Azar team, helped me settle my claims on August 11, 2022 for a total of $200,000.00 The only words I have is Thank you and many more thank you’s for making my life a little less stressful so I can continue healing. Renee’