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May 31, 2023

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!Frank Azar Design A Billboard Contest

Thank you to every artist that participated in the first annual Design A Frank Azar Billboard Contest! It wasn’t easy to pick the winners with so many amazing entries from such talented artists! Frank Azar appreciates the artists that took the time to conceive, illustrate and submit their designs!

Check out the winning designs and keep an eye out for these designs on actual Frank Azar billboards in communities across Colorado!



Are you Aware Of Your Surroundings On The Road?

Motorcycle Safety


10 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles give riders the means they need to get from one place to another quickly. They are easy to park, easy to store, and fun to ride. Similar to pedestrians and bicyclists, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injuries in an accident than other vehicle drivers, as there is nothing that stands between a motorcyclist and the chassis of another automobile. No matter how much care you take in riding, you are still at risk of colliding with a larger vehicle. The most common causes of accidents involving motorcyclists include the following:

  • Speeding
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Lane Splitting
  • Negligence: Careless Driving or Inexperienced Drivers
  • Left Turn Accidents
  • Unsafe Lane Changes
  • Abrupt Stops
  • Dangerous Road Conditions
  • Car Doors
  • Motorcycle Defects

10 Safety Tips from a Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Riding a motorcycle can be an awesome experience, but can also be dangerous. Please take a moment to read through our safety tips from our Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Being aware of your surrounding can save your life, and this is very relevant when riding a motorcycle. Being aware of yourself while on the road is extremely important no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. It is increasingly important when you drive a motorcycle. Often times people are not watching out for you, or you are caught in their blind spot, so you must be more aware of your surroundings. Other times people are driving distracted; talking on the phone, texting, eating, putting on make-up, etc.

In the United States there are over 4,000 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents. This number rises each year, and the factors that contribute to these accidents and fatalities also increase as technology becomes more and more accessible, especially for use in automobiles.

Here at Franklin D. Azar & Associates we understand the dangers of Motorcycle Accidents, and our Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorneys have seen first hand the impact it can make on the victim and their families. That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 tips to avoid a motorcycle accident. These tips go for motorcycle riders, as well as those of you who share the road with motorcycle riders.

For Motorcycle Riders

  1. Always wear a helmet that fits right. Pick one that has the DOT label, which shows that it meets federal safety standards.
  2. Stick to the speed limit.
  3. Don’t tailgate other vehicles.
  4. Use your signals.
  5. Be respectful of other drivers. Don’t weave through traffic or drive on the shoulder.
  6. Make sure other drivers can see you. Don’t ride in blind spots and always use your headlights. Brake smart. Use both brakes at the same time, slow and steady.

For Automobile Drivers

  1. Don’t clean your windshield while there is a motorcyclist behind you.
  2. Do not throw trash or cigarette butts out of your car, especially when a motorcyclist is near.
  3. Put your smartphones away, no text, no talking, no distraction.
  4. Pay attention to your blind spots and surroundings. A motorcyclist can appear from what seems to be thin air.

How Are Motorcycle Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you are 28 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than in a car accident. In addition to the high fatality rate, motorcycle injury cases are NOT handled in the same way as a car accident injury case. Here are three significant differences between motorcycle accidents vs. car accidents:

Common Causes – How many motorcycle accidents are caused by cars?

While the most common car accidents are caused by distraction, fatigue and alcohol, left-turns accidents (the other vehicles were turning left while the motorcycles were going straight) are most common involving a motorcycle, which accounted for 42% of motorcycle accidents. And the primary reason for that is most drivers are not used to dealing with motorcycles on the road, and they may not “see” a rider in traffic. Click here to read more about Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents.


When an accident occurs, the likelihood of injury and the severity level of injuries are extremely high in motorcycle accidents due to the unprotected exposure to the external environment. In multiple-vehicle crashes 98% of motorcycle riders get seriously injured, and in a single vehicle accident 96% of motorists can get hurt. Click here to learn more about the Types of Head Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents.

Prejudice against Motorcyclists

The key difference between a motorcycle injury case vs. a car injury case is the unfair stereotype that motorcycle riders are inherently reckless. This unfair portrait of motorists adds challenges to injury cases. Insurance companies may use this bias to their advantage by pinning liability on the motorist and reducing or even refusing to compensate damages.

Colorado has a comparative negligence law, which means the law recognizes the possibility that more than one person might be at fault for an accident. If a person is found less than 50% at fault, he or she is still entitled to compensation. Insurance companies often assert that the injured person does bear some of the faults for a motorcycle accident and refuse to pay the victim to that extent.

If an injury case goes on trial, it is crucial for an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to address the misunderstood stereotype and educate the jury what constitutes a safe driving practice. Due to the high fatality rate and the high likelihood of severe injuries, motorists involved in an accident may need additional long-term compensation for financial loss and medical care.


The Car Accident Lawyers At FDAZAR

For more than thirty years the attorneys at Franklin D. Azar & Associates have helped thousands of injured people obtain complete and timely compensation for their losses. Our proven track record and expertise in serious injury cases have allowed us to grow into the largest personal-injury law firm in Colorado, with offices in Denver, Aurora, Thornton, Fort Collins, Greeley, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. If you’ve been injured in a bus, car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Please call the car accident attorneys at FDAzar day or night at 800-716-9032, or contact us here for a free consultation and no-obligation evaluation of your case.



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