Azar Firm Helps Injured Client On Journey To Justice

Dec 21, 2022

Personal injury law is about more than just numbers. It’s about helping injured people obtain compensation for their losses — and, in some cases, helping them achieve vindication when they’ve been accused of doing something wrong.  That was the situation in a Colorado Springs courtroom last week, when a jury awarded more than $35,000 to a 23-year-old woman injured in a four-car pileup that wasn’t her fault.

The plaintiff was represented by attorney Jonathan Drucker of the law firm of Franklin D. Azar & Associates.

The 2019 crash happened on a busy street at rush hour. The Azar client was rear-ended by another vehicle; the impact pushed her car into the one ahead of her, which then collided with a fourth vehicle. The Azar client was treated for soft-tissue damage and other injuries caused by the crash.

Although the motorist who rear-ended her was cited by police for careless driving, he denied that he was responsible for the crash, blaming it on the Azar client. He claimed that she had collided with the car in front of hers before he hit her vehicle. His insurance company also disputed the reasonableness of her medical costs. The defendant’s final offer to settle her claim before trial was  $1000 — far less than the bills she had incurred.

The Azar attorney presented evidence and witnesses corroborating that story. The jury found the defendant 100% at fault in the crash and awarded the Azar client $11,759.85 in economic damages (her medical expenses) and $23,519.70 in noneconomic damages, for a total of $35,279.55. Those are impressive numbers, amounting to 35 times what the insurance company offered to settle the case. But they are also a measure of our client’s complete vindication in the matter — the best of all possible outcomes when you’re in the business of fighting for the rights of injured people.



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