$2.4 Million: The Story Of One Frank Azar Client

Jan 8, 2019

“Are those real people in your ads?”

It’s probably the most common question prospective clients ask us at Franklin D. Azar & Associates, along with the question of whether the settlement amounts announced are “real” figures.

The answers? Yes and yes.

Those are actual FDAzar clients featured in our commercials, and the dollar amounts mentioned reflect what their personal injury cases actually settled for.


Of course, these stories are presented with some common-sense disclaimers: Every case is different, and previous results are no guarantee of future performance. But for more than thirty years the Denver car accident lawyers at FDAzar have helped thousands of injured people obtain complete and timely compensation for their losses, and we believe these case studies help to convey how hard our firm fights for every one of its clients.

Take, for example, the story of Aleta Shoemaker — one of those real people featured in a Frank Azar commercial.


Aleta Shoemaker worked as a pizza delivery driver. But she wasn’t even driving when the accident occurred. One evening she was walking from her car to the shop in east Denver where she worked when the driver of a Silverado pick-up truck drove into the parking lot. Evidently distracted by another vehicle, the driver didn’t see Shoemaker as he whipped into a parking space, striking her and knocking her several feet from the point of impact.

Shoemaker suffered multiple injuries in the accident, resulting in surgery, long-term chronic pain, and extensive physical therapy. The driver who struck her was cited for careless driving. But he carried no insurance. The accident report notes that he was driving “under restraint,” meaning that his driver’s license had already been suspended or revoked.

The accident dramatically changed Shoemaker’s life. She couldn’t work because of restrictions on her mobility. With little hope of collecting from the uninsured driver for the medical bills and lost wages she’d incurred, she was facing the prospect of foreclosure on her home.


Fortunately, Shoemaker’s own insurance policy included uninsured motorist coverage, which is designed to cover your losses from being hit by a motorist who has no insurance. The same coverage applies regardless of whether you’re injured while driving a car or on a bicycle or walking across a parking lot.

Attorneys at FDAzar sought to obtain compensation for Shoemaker from her own insurance company through an uninsured motorist claim. But the insurance company refused to pay the claim, even as Shoemaker’s medical bills and other costs mounted. The policy limits for an uninsured motorist claim came to $200,000, but the company declined to make an offer of settlement anywhere near that amount.

In the case of an impasse like the one Shoemaker was facing, skilled legal representation is a must.

An insurance company’s failure to pay a legitimate claim can become the basis of a bad-faith case against the company. The attorneys at FDAzar refused to back down; they were prepared to take the company to court if necessary.

Eventually, the company assessed its exposure under Colorado law to a bad-faith claim and agreed to settle the case for $2.4 million.


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