The History of the Bicycle Helmet and why you Need to be Wearing One

Jul 11, 2021 | Personal Injury

Most people generally know it’s a good idea to wear a bike helmet, yet not that many of us consistently wear one. People who bike long distances as a sport or exercise generally do wear bike helmets, but the real problem is people who ride leisurely. Here we will lay out the history of the bike helmet, and give you some facts about how they can protect you.

The first widely used bicycle was the Penny-farthing. This was the bicycle that had a very large main wheel and a much smaller wheel in the back. The name came from the British currency coins penny and farthing in which one coin was much larger than the other. Because of the design of these bicycles, the center of gravity was very high and when the bike hit something in the road the rider may be thrown over the front of it. The frequency of this incident prompted the phrase “taking a header” and is still used today. As the popularity of bikes proliferated it became clear that head protection was necessary. The first helmets were leather and were not all that protective. The commercial bike helmet we all know today was first invented in 1975 by Bell Auto parts. The effectiveness and design of bike helmets evolved as imitators entered the market.

Although there are no required bicycle helmets safety laws in Colorado,  it’s a good idea to wear one. In 2015, 45,000 bicyclist were injured in traffic crashes and 818 died. Of bicyclists who die in accident, more than 70% are not wearing a helmet. Wearing a bike helmet will not only help protect you during a crash but may also keep you from getting into one. Today most bike helmets have reflective paint on them and some of the more advanced models even have lights to improve visibility of riders.

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