Motorcycle Safety, Underage Drinking & Driving, and Holiday Weekends

Apr 21, 2021 | Driving Safety

We cannot control the choices other people make before getting behind the wheel, but we can educate them

The past weekend in Colorado was a happy time. A time to join together with family and eat, play, and reminisce. Of course, this is not how the weekend played out for all families. One family in particular lost one of their own in a terrible accident involving a motorcycle and a car load of underage teens. The teens are alleged to have been drinking, and the driver of the car was not even legally supposed to be behind the wheel.

Names of all involved have not been released, but this much we do know; inexperienced drivers mixing alcohol while driving put three individuals in critical condition in the hospital and left one man dead.

What Could Have Been Done to Stop This Accident?

We can never have full control when we choose to get in our vehicles and drive. There are factors that we do have control over, especially when preparing to ride a motorcycle safely. We can only worry about ourselves and keep an eye out for other vehicles that may not be watching out for us. We’ve posted numerous blog articles regarding the importance of driving without distraction, as well as what to do if you are involved in an accident while the other driver has been drinking (DUI).

We do not have control over other drivers and the activities they choose to partake in prior to getting in a car and driving. Younger drivers may have a learners permit, just as the at fault driver did in the accident we are covering today, but lack of experience is a huge component that must be considered when you get behind the wheel.

Holiday weekends prove to be the most dangerous of all when it comes to drinking and driving. And all the education in the world cannot stop every driver from getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. But it can stop some. Education is key to providing our youth, as well as every driver, with the tools they need to make good decisions. More awareness through radio, television, and the internet must be part of our every day lives. We have to let everyone know that it is not just their life they are putting at risk. The risk the lives of their passengers, pedestrians on the street, their families at home, and the other motorists that they are supposed to share the road with.

If you’ve been drinking, please don’t get in your car and drive. While driving, please don’t text. And if you are not legally allowed to drive, please find someone who is. Together, as a nation, we can build awareness and put an end to careless activities while behind the wheel, and as a result we can save lives as well as enjoy the open road.