10 Safety Tips from a Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Aug 19, 2021 | Driving Safety

Riding a motorcycle can be an awesome experience, but can also be dangerous. Please take a moment to read through our safety tips from our Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Being aware of your surrounding can save your life, and this is very relevant when riding a motorcycle. Being aware of yourself while on the road is extremely important no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. It is increasingly important when you drive a motorcycle. Often times people are not watching out for you, or you are caught in their blind spot, so you must be more aware of your surroundings. Other times people are driving distracted; talking on the phone, texting, eating, putting on make-up, etc.

In the United States there are over 4,000 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents. This number rises each year, and the factors that contribute to these accidents and fatalities also increase as technology becomes more and more accessible, especially for use in automobiles.

Here at Franklin D. Azar Accident Lawyers we understand the dangers of Motorcycle Accidents, and our Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorneys have seen first hand the impact it can make on the victim and their families. That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 tips to avoid a motorcycle accident. These tips go for motorcycle riders, as well as those of you who share the road with motorcycle riders.

For Motorcycle Riders

  • Always wear a helmet that fits right. Pick one that has the DOT label, which shows that it meets federal safety standards.
  • Stick to the speed limit.
  • Don’t tailgate other vehicles.
  • Use your signals.
  • Be respectful of other drivers. Don’t weave through traffic or drive on the shoulder.
  • Make sure other drivers can see you. Don’t ride in blind spots and always use your headlights. Brake smart. Use both brakes at the same time, slow and steady.

For Automobile Drivers

  • Don’t clean your windshield while there is a motorcyclist behind you
  • Do not throw trash or cigarette butts out of your car, especially when a motorcyclist is near
  • Put your smartphones away, no text, no talking, no distraction
  • Pay attention to your blind spots and surroundings. A motorcyclist can appear from what seems to be thin air

If you are the family of the victim of a fatal motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver or entity, including highway and traffic control maintenance, please call Franklin D. Azar Accident Lawyers today. We have Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorneys waiting to help. Please fill out the form on our site, or call 1-800-916-2005 today.