Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Accidents in Colorado

Dec 1, 2021 | Accidents

Motorcycle riding has become increasingly more popular on the Colorado Front Range and throughout the state of Colorado. With more motorcyclists on the road comes more opportunity for motorcycle accidents, however. This same theory applies to users of recreational vehicles such as RVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, and ATVs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of deaths, involving some of these vehicles, has increased dramatically since 1997. It is thus implied that the number of accidents has also increased.

Helmet Laws in Colorado:

The District of Columbia and twenty states all have motorcycle helmet laws in place that require all riders to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Twenty-seven states have a motorcycle helmet law that only requires some riders to wear a helmet. Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire are the only states to not have a motorcycle helmet law enacted. As of June 2010, Colorado requires riders 17 and under, both passenger and driver, to wear a helmet at all times when on a motorcycle and also other low-power cycles.

Whether wearing a helmet or not, when involved in a motorcycle collision with a car or truck, fence or pole, tree, etc., the consequences are often extreme. These types of accidents can cause any of the following:

• Traumatic brain injuries

• Neck injuries

• Spinal cord injuries

• Broken bones and fractures

• Soft tissue damage

• Concussions

• Disfiguring injuries

• Paralysis

• Possible death

What Are The Primary Causes of These Accidents?

Many factors play a role in causing accidents. Defective roadway and trail designs, product defects, poor weather conditions, reckless and negligence of any and/or all drivers involved all play this role. Cars and trucks offer a level of protection that motorcycles and recreation do not, causing injuries during accidents such as those above. Reckless driving is usually always a recipe for catastrophe involving these vehicles. However, negligence to the point of unawareness will almost always be an issue.

All drivers operating motor vehicles have a responsibility to the other drivers on the roadways, to the passengers that are present and themselves. Unfortunately, many accidents occur when drivers are unaware of his or her surroundings.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Rentals and Accidents:

Living in Colorado, people tend to spend more time outdoors than residents of many other states. With the Rocky Mountains as our backyard, the options, often times, are limitless. Recreation vehicles, such as ATVs, snowmobiles and jet skis, are a great way to get a different point of view of our natural environment. Dealing with rental companies that rent and lease these vehicles is a quick and seemingly no hassle solution until an accident happens.

All of these companies will in some way or form will have you sign a waiver that releases the company from all liability if something were to happen while using the company’s equipment. This liability waiver not only allows you to participate in the outdoor activity, but it is supposed to prevent you from taking any legal action against the company if something bad were to happen while on a tour, using the company’s equipment. However, you may still have legal options regardless of your signing a waiver.

If you or someone you know has sustained injuries from a motorcycle accident or RV accident in Colorado, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Colorado motorcycle accident or personal injury attorney that focuses on RV and motorcycle accident cases. Such an attorney will assist you in your recovery and deal with the insurance companies and 3rd parties to ensure that you get the speedy recovery and compensation you deserve.

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