Car, bike, motorcycle, bus or truck accident: a step-by-step guide

Apr 16, 2021 | Accidents

Colorado state law requires that ALL motor vehicle accidents be reported immediately to the proper law enforcement authorities (42-4-1606 CRS). A traffic accident is defined as unintentional damage or injury caused by the movement of a vehicle or its load.

What to do if you’re in an auto accident:

1. move the accident out of traffic
2. keep others safe
3. get the insurance information, license plate & name of the other parties involved in the accident
4. call the police to report the accident
5. take pictures of the vehicles involved
6. Check with your insurance company regarding the coverage of your policy

Call an attorney specializing in personal injury after an auto accident if…

  • there’s been a serious injury such as broken bones, potential paralysis / long-term conditions, or anything that requires hospitalization
  • someone died from the accident
  • someone is clearly at fault
  • pedestrians, bikes or other autos were involved, or if the accident occurred in a construction area
  • an inaccurate police report details you as the one at fault
  • important technical, legal or medical issues are involved
  • the limits of your liability insurance are low
  • you have no insurance or your insurance company suggests that you did not pay your premium.
  • your insurance company starts acting oddly or involves its own attorney

If you are unsure about contacting an accident attorney, here are some instances where contacting an attorney might be worthwhile. If you are…

  • seeking advice on the settlement value of a claim and want to know best and worst case outcomes
  • unsure if other insurance (homeowners, travel, etc.) may be available to you for this incident
  • thinking fault may be an issue in this accident
  • suspecting your insurance company may not looking out for your best interests
  • wondering how to handle negotiations with an insurance company
  • not sure about your rights
  • confused about the terms of your insurance policy or other paperwork

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