12 Things To Do After An Auto Accident

Apr 27, 2021 | Accidents

Stay Calm
Easier said than done, right? Being in an auto accident can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, especially during the event. It’s important that you stay calm and collected during, and directly after the accident so you can maintain your wits and recount all information regarding the accident to the authorities.

In order to successfully stay calm in a time of distress it can take practice during times you are not stressed. Click here for more information on how to stay calm in any situation.

Call 911
Calling 911, even for a minor fender bender, can be very beneficial after an accident. Of course, if you or a passenger or the other driver have been injured, 911 is a given. Calling the emergency line not only ensures the authorities will come to help, but it also documents that there was an automobile accident.

Only Speak With the Police About the Accident
You should make sure the driver/passengers in the other vehicle are okay, and you should exchange insurance information, but please do NOT discuss the details of the auto accident. That information should be reserved for the proper authorities.

Do NOT Admit Fault to Anyone
Admitting fault is not your responsibility. Fault may be determined by an officer on the scene, or the insurance companies involved in the claim. Once you admit fault for an auto accident, on or off the record, it will be difficult to take back.

If Possible, Move Your Car Out of the Way of Danger
We’ve all seen videos of an automobile pulled to the side of the road and getting side swiped by another passing vehicle. If possible pull your car out of traffic into a safe spot. Keep road flares or cones in your car to make sure if you find yourself in a situation like this, you do all you can to keep yourself safe.

Evaluate if You or Your Passengers Are Injured
We are all humans, and by nature we concern ourselves with the well-being of others. It’s important to make sure everyone involved is okay, and if they are not, call the paramedics to get help immediately.

If Anyone Is Injured, Go to the Emergency Room
Whether or not you are aware of injuries it is always a good idea to go to the hospital to get checked out. Some injuries do not present themselves until days or weeks after an accident, but getting thoroughly checked out might uncover an auto accident injury that you have yet to feel the impact of.

If There Are Witnesses, Collect Their Names and Phone Number
The more people who witnessed the accident the better chance you have of getting all the facts. Often times, your story will differ from the other motorist involved in the auto accident. Witnesses are able to provide an unbiased view of the accident, since they have nothing to gain or lose.

Always File An Accident Report With The Police. ALWAYS!
An accident report is a permanent record of the incident, which you will need for your insurance claim. Without an auto accident report, determining fault could become a game of he said/she said. It’s important to call the authorities and let them document what happened.

Notify Your Insurance Company After The Police Report Has Been Filed
Your insurance company needs to be made aware of your auto accident as soon as possible. Once the police report has been filed, you can request a copy and provide that to your insurance. Remember, even though they are your insurance company, their best interest is still making money, not paying out on legitimate claims.

Do NOT Speak To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company
Speak to the authorities, speak to your auto insurance company, but please do not speak to the other motorists insurance company. Especially if the other driver is at fault for the auto accident. The other drivers insurance may portray concern and a desire to help, but they are also hoping you say something that can diminish the amount of liability they have as the at fault insurance company.

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