My first and only auto accident leaves my car totaled, minor to moderate injuries, months of physical therapy and an immediate sense of personal sacrifice. Never one to procrastinate, and trusting my gut, I used my faith and intuition. I called Franklin D. Azar, and Associates.

Billboards, radio and television ads, print and word of mouth have exposed us all to the ‘big guy / strong arm / we’ll work for you’ extravaganza. Why not, I said, and made the call.

I was immediately met with an array of professionals that were courteous, friendly, and focused on my situation and willing to listen to my initial thoughts, questions and concerns. If you look at the name of the business, there is a word that many take for granted in any title; ‘Associates’. The councilor-at-law that I was paired with couldn’t have been more seasoned, skillful, or adept at listening to me while coaching me as to my role in the process. More importantly, I was taught to be patient, while witnessing his success as not just a provider, but teacher as well.

My settlement was just and respectable, culminating with meeting more of the staff; them helping in other related positions of importance to the case. I will remain a proponent and advocate, of Azar and his Associates!