First I would like to say that they were all amazing at frank Azar’s office and fought very hard for me. Tonya was especially especially wonderful and she always took the time to keep me updated and explain everything clearly to me.
I was at stopped at a red light on my way to pick up my son from school, when I was struck by a very very large truck I suffered from horrible migraines for a long time after that I had hit my face very hard on the steering wheel ect… I am a single mom so taking time from work was not an option unfortunately my car was completely totaled and I wasn’t able to drive it, also not having a vehicle was just something I couldn’t have in my life I have 3 kids I need to get from place to place and I have a 30 minute commute (1 way) to work daily. The team at Frank Azar’s office fought very hard for almost 2 years to get me the compensation I deserved they also got me the best medical care and I was able to begin to heal and now my migraines are gone I have a new car and money in my bank. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Frank Azar, they will make sure you get everything you deserve and they will fight for you against the insurance companies.
Thank you so much to the whole Frank Azar team.