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Sep 29, 2023

Can Dashcams Help After An Accident?

Can Dashcams Help After An Accident? by Frank Azar, The Strong Arm

Not too long ago, dash-mounted cameras seemed to be found almost exclusively in patrol cars used by state troopers and other law-enforcement personnel. But now you can find excerpts of disturbing crash videos all over YouTube and the nightly news, many of them taken by ordinary drivers who have turned to dashcams as a way of documenting the mayhem on the roads.

Is a dashcam worth having in Colorado? Could it actually help your case if you’re involved in an accident? Here are some factors to consider.


Why A Dashcam?

The price of dash-mounted cameras has dropped in recent years as demand has increased, and popular models tend to cost between $50 and $200. Various reasons have been offered for the growing trend in Colorado. People who’ve had past “close calls” or actual car collisions have turned to the technology in hopes of heading off disputes over who’s at fault in the event of another accident. Others have turned to the cameras as a means of recording their on-the-road adventures (a considerably safer approach than taking a behind-the-wheel selfie) or in an effort to document and deter road-ragers and other bad behavior, in the same way that a security camera might curb theft. But can a dashcam make a difference in a car accident case?


How A Dashcam Can Help

There’s no question that a dashcam can be of help in certain Colorado car accident situations. Video is unbiased, objective, and generally indisputable evidence, and it can be a powerful tool in resolving fundamental “he said/she said” issues, such as whether the light was green, who had the right of way, the relative speed of the vehicles involved, and so on. It can capture the details of a hit-and-run driver’s vehicle and aid in the prosecution of someone who might otherwise have escaped justice.

However, dashcam evidence isn’t always necessary or useful. Vital details of a rear-end or sideswipe car collision can occur outside the range of the front-mounted camera. Dashcam critics claim other drawbacks: The devices can be one more distraction amid all the other electronic gear in your vehicle and (ironically) increase your chances of having an accident; they might also attract thieves. And dashcam recordings also raise privacy issues — not so much because of the video, but any audio recording it might also capture.

Obviously, dashcam users tend to believe there are more pluses than minuses surrounding the devices.


What To Look For In A Dashcam

Someday all new cars in Colorado may come equipped with a dashcam. Until that happens, here are some things to look for if you’ve decided to give a dashcam a try.

The most important feature for evidentiary purposes is a high-resolution image. The New York Times suggests avoiding the bargain-basement models with poor resolution and not settling for less than 1440p or even 4k. Also key considerations are easy controls and multiple mounting options. If the model you’re looking at includes an optional rear camera as well, that can greatly increase your ability to document what’s happening on all sides of your vehicle.



Common Misconceptions of a Personal Injury Accident Claim

Common Misconceptions of a Personal Injury Accident Claim by Frank Azar, The Strong Arm

Personal injuries after a major Colorado car accident can easily leave injured parties with accumulating medical expenses at a time when they might also be dealing with a decrease in earnings as a result of their injuries. Yet sadly, many individuals are dissuaded from getting legal representation and pursuing an injury lawsuit because of common misconceptions concerning the personal injury claims procedure. This article is intended to set the record straight regarding such misconceptions and motivate anyone to talk about your claim with our team of Colorado car accident attorneys so we can fight for the compensation you should have.


If I Need The Money, I Can Settle Prior To Completing Medical Treatment And Reopen The Case Later If Necessary

Incorrect. While you do not need to wait for injury resolution before settling your personal injury claim, doing so risks not receiving full compensation for the true scope and extent of your injuries. Once you sign a release in exchange for any money paid to you, you are normally precluded from pursuing additional claims later. Waiting for a complete assessment of your injuries is the only way to make sure you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.


If There Is Insurance, I Am Assured Full Compensation For My Losses Arising From A Personal Injury Accident

Untrue. Due to the potential of disputes over liability or due to the lack of adequate limits of insurance coverage, there really are zero guarantees that personal injury accident victims will obtain any kind of or all the compensation they really need. However, our team of Colorado car accident attorneys will happily advise you regarding your remedies and the possibilities of succeeding in your personal injury claim.


Personal Injury Cases Regularly End Up In A Long, Drawn-Out Trial

Incorrect. Actually, the majority of personal injury claims are resolved outside of trial by means of negotiations among the parties involved. It is often in the best interests of the participants to settle in good faith. Our skilled Colorado personal injury lawyers at Franklin D. Azar & Associates are often able to obtain an out-of-court resolution that avoids the risks, delays, and uncertainty of a trial.


I Do Not Really Need An Attorney To Represent Me With Regard To A Personal Injury Case

Even though you are certainly not obligated to employ an accident lawyer, personal injury lawsuits in Colorado can be difficult and complicated. In the event that you say or do the incorrect thing, your lack of experience can easily cost you. Allow our firm of Colorado accident lawyers to assist you through the procedure and aid you in obtaining the personal injury compensation you should have within a reasonable time frame.


The Motorist That Struck Me Got The Ticket Which Should Help My Personal Injury Claim

False. The jury will likely never be informed that the other driver received a traffic ticket for your car accident or has received other traffic tickets in the past. Under a statute in Colorado, this particular type of information is not admissible in a civil jury trial concerning the damages resulting from the accident.


The Person That Hit Me Possesses Sufficient Insurance Coverage For My Damages, So I Can Sue That Insurer If It Doesn’t Pay

Incorrect. In Colorado, a car accident victim normally can file a lawsuit just against the at-fault party and cannot sue the insurance company for that party. Additionally, in trial the jury cannot be advised whether or not a party has insurance to pay your losses or whether or not they have any type of coverage whatsoever. The jury is to determine the case with no knowledge as to whether an insurance company is going to pay the verdict.


My Health Insurance Already Paid My Medical Bills Or My Employer Paid My Lost Earnings, So I Am Not Entitled To Compensation For Those Losses

Not true. The benefits provided by other sources (known as “collateral sources”) normally do not reduce the compensation that the at-fault party should pay. Because you pay for your health plan and earn lost wage benefits through your work, the at-fault party does not get a reduction in the damages owed because of benefits that you paid others to receive. Those losses may be still included in the claim against the at-fault party.


The Other Motorist Was Definitely Responsible And Has Insurance Coverage, So His Insurance Company Will Assist Me In Paying My Ongoing Medical Expenses

Incorrect. An insurance company providing liability coverage to someone else typically will not advance any funds to help you pay your medical expenses while you are receiving treatment. Prior to reaching a final settlement or having a judgment entered by a court, liability insurance coverage does not have to pay you for your medical costs.


I Feel Awful Regarding What Occurred, And I Want To Go See The Other Person Who Is Currently In The Hospital, But Visiting Him Will Hurt My Case

If you find yourself in a car accident with somebody, specifically if it is a devastating collision resulting in serious injuries, and you feel like dropping by the hospital to see him or her, or giving a card or flowers, then feel free to do this! We are all human, and frequently are afraid lawsuits could hinder us from doing the appropriate thing. No matter who is at fault, often a simple contact with the other person so as to display to them you are certainly worried will go a very long way to calm everybody down and help make all things easier in the future. Just be careful in what you say so that your sentiments are not construed as an admission of fault on your part if that is not true.


The Jury Will Take Into Consideration How Much Money I Will Have To Pay My Lawyers And Provide Me Funds Above And Apart From My Losses

Not true. The jury is not instructed to award your attorney’s fees as part of the damages, as the law provides that generally, the parties pay their own attorney’s fees regardless of who wins or loses the trial.


These are simply a handful of questions and answers concerning the usual misconceptions that relate to personal injury cases.

If you find yourself with a personal injury claim, or are thinking of filing a lawsuit on such a claim, you really need a Colorado car accident lawyer that understands the legal system and understands the best ways to navigate around it!




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