Cambodian Community Dream Organization: Refurbished Well

Mar 23, 2018

20th March, 2018

Frank Azar & Associates

Aurora, CO, USA

Dear Frank Azar and Associates,

Thank you for your generous donation in support of the Cambodian Community Dream Organization for a refurbished well.

Your gift helps us achieve our mission of providing opportunities for children living in poverty in Cambodia to grow up healthy and educated by building clean-water wells and providing food, clothing, school supplies and support for teachers. Truly, with this gift, you are helping families in the poorest communities, saving lives and giving hundreds of children a chance to be happy, to be engaged in the world around them through learning, and to develop into successful adults.

Again, and on behalf of the children of Cambodia you have helped.

Best Regards,

Jenni Lipa


Cambodian Community Dream Organization.