Azar Team Wins $2 Million Verdict For Injured Motorcyclist

Nov 10, 2022

After a hard-fought trial involving disputes over liability, a Denver jury has awarded more than $2 million in damages to a 24-year-old motorcyclist injured in a 2021 crash. The plaintiff was represented by the law firm of Franklin D. Azar & Associates.

The verdict comes fourteen months after the accident, which occurred when the motorcyclist was driving northbound and a southbound truck turned left in front of him. The motorcyclist crashed into the turning truck and shattered his femur.  The insurance company for the defendant argued that the motorcyclist was at fault for crash for speeding and not having a motorcycle license.

Fortunately, the motorcyclist had Frank Azar on his side. Other personal injury attorneys may have been tempted to settle a less-than-perfect case for whatever the other side was willing to offer, but the Azar firm is known for fighting for the compensation its clients deserve. “The insurance companies don’t intimidate Frank Azar,” notes Azar senior attorney Joseph Sirchio, the lead attorney on the case. “Frank is known for taking difficult cases to trial.”

At trial Sirchio brought in witnesses to testify about the motorcyclist’s surgeries and recovery and the circumstances of the crash. “We argued that the motorcyclist had the right-of-way and that the defendant was at fault for turning when he saw an oncoming motorcycle,” Sirchio says. The jury came back with an award of $500,000 for non-economic damages, $1,000,000 for economic damages (including medical bills), and $1,000,000 for impairment. The jury also decided that the motorcyclist was 20 percent at fault for the accident.  With interest, the final award comes to approximately $2.2 million.

“Credit has to go to the client for having faith in the judicial process and the guts to go to trial,” Sirchio says.


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