Dec 28, 2023

After a car collision, Franklin D. Azar Accident Lawyers client Diana required surgical intervention and acquired medical expenses exceeding the defendant’s insurance limits. The verdict ultimately fell in favor of the Azar client.

The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Dylan Unger and Antonio Linares of the law firm of Franklin D. Azar Accident Lawyers.

The defendant ran a red light directly in the path of the Azar client, resulting in a collision that forced the client’s vehicle into the rear of the defendant’s car. The repercussions of this incident were profound, especially for the client, who suffered a torn labrum in her hip ultimately requiring surgical intervention.

Complicating matters, the defendant’s insurance provider, State Farm, had established policy limits of $100,000. The Azar client incurred medical expenses totaling $112,000 due to the injuries sustained in the accident. Prior to the commencement of the trial, State Farm proposed a settlement of $65,000, conceding fault but disputing the connection between the accident and the subsequent hip surgery.

In an attempt to undermine the client’s claims during the trial, State Farm enlisted the testimony of a doctor who had never personally examined the client. This expert witness asserted that the need for hip surgery was coincidental and unrelated to the collision. “The heart of the battle was that State Farm claimed that Diana had a pre-existing condition that was responsible for her torn labrum, not the crash.”

Undeterred, our team presented evidence from the client’s treating physicians, who affirmed that the car crash was the direct and only cause of the hip injury, necessitating surgical intervention.

After deliberation, the jury awarded Diana 100% of her medical bills, and additional pain and suffering, amounting to a total verdict of $195,000.


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