USAA Class Action


Franklin D. Azar & Associates is investigating USAA for underpayment of its insureds’ medical bills under their first-party Medical Payments (“Med Pay”) and Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) coverage. Med Pay and PIP coverage are supposed to protect USAA insureds by paying for their medical bills after a car crash, regardless of who is at fault.

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USAA uses an automated computer system to reduce or deny payments in an unfair way that deprives its insureds of the benefit of the premiums they pay for Med Pay or PIP coverage. This computer system does not investigate the amount billed by the medical provider and systematically reduces or denies your reimbursement amount. USAA tries to justify its reduction by stating that the billed amount “exceeds a reasonable fee for the service provided.”

By reducing the benefits paid to their insureds, USAA records higher profits. If USAA denied or reduced your Med Pay or PIP claim because your medical bills exceed the computer system’s arbitrary amount, you may be entitled to compensation


Frank Azar & Associates has been investigating Class Action cases for over 35 years and has recovered more than $2.3B for clients across the country. We have the experience and resources to represent plaintiffs in national class-action lawsuits of any size, against any opponent.

If you were hurt in a car crash and your USAA insurance policy included Med Pay or PIP coverage, you should be protected. After your claim for benefits was filed with USAA, you should have received an Explanation of Reimbursement (“EOR”) that detailed how much USAA paid and what portion USAA reduced or denied. Contact Frank Azar today to find out if you are owed more.


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