Will Your Next Car Even Need the Roads?

Sep 19, 2020 | Car Accidents

In the 1970’s everybody thought there would be flying cars by the 2000’s.  Well, that didn’t happen, but, we are finally getting close. Introducing The Transition, the world’s first flying car.  Well actually it’s more of a road drivable plane, but they are pretty similar.

The Transition is a plane with two seats and wings that fold up to the sides making it small enough to drive on city roads. It runs on standard automotive gasoline, fits in a single car garage, and converts from plane to car in less than a minute. With a flying range of about 400 miles and the ability to drive at highway speeds, this car can get you anywhere.

The Transition is in its second prototype and is near finalization for the commercially available model.  In fact, you can put your deposit on it today with delivery expected in 2019. If you’re not quite sure about it, consider waiting for the TF-X, an even more advanced flying car that will be able to take off vertically like a helicopter before turning into a plane.

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