When to Get an Attorney For a Car Accident

Aug 24, 2020 | Car Accidents

Car crashes can be loud, scary, and even life-altering events. In addition to the trauma of the incident itself, there’s all the paperwork involved in dealing with the police and insurance companies, the hassle of arranging for repairs and alternate transportation, and various other ways that even a “minor” accident can disrupt your routine and plans. And beyond the more mundane aspects of the accident and its aftermath looms a larger question: Should I be talking to a lawyer about what just happened?

Of course, not every traffic incident requires the services of an attorney. But it’s a question that should be considered before you decide to “let the insurance company handle it.” Your health, peace of mind, and economic well-being might be at stake.

When to Get an Attorney for A Car Accident

When should you get an attorney for a car accident? There’s one key word that comes up in any discussion of whether you should seek legal representation after an accident: injury. If the accident happens to be a classic “fender bender,” with no injuries or appreciable property damage, it could well be an experience you can navigate on your own. But that scenario may not be as straightforward as it sounds; some impacts from a car accident may not be obvious right after a collision and only manifest themselves over time.

If it turns out that you have suffered injuries as a result of the accident and may be facing significant medical expenses, from physical therapy to possible surgery, that’s one sign that you should be talking to an attorney. An experienced accident lawyer will know how to assess the ways the accident has affected your life, including medical expenses and lost time from work, and how to negotiate with the insurance company to obtain fair compensation.

An attorney may also be required if there are other factors involved that can affect your claim. The case may need additional investigation, beyond what the police chose to do. There may be disputes over liability, an issue over a defective car part or whether the other driver carried adequate insurance, or a dispute with your own insurance company over coverage.

In any accident case, there are time limits for when a lawsuit can be filed, so it makes sense to seek the advice of an experienced attorney early in the process so that you can receive professional assistance in pursuing your claim.

How to Find the Right Denver Car Accident Lawyer

Most personal injury attorneys will offer an initial consultation at no cost, and that meeting is an ideal time to ask questions about the attorney’s experience and track record, his or her approach to resolving claims and getting you fair compensation for your injuries and the medical care you need, and the fees and costs involved.

It’s customary in many (but not all) personal injury cases for attorneys to proceed on a contingency basis, meaning that they do not get paid unless there is a recovery of funds, in which case they receive a percentage of the settlement. But there may be additional costs incurred in the course of pursuing the case, and how those are to be handled should be discussed in advance of signing a fee agreement.

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