What to Know About Colorado Slip and Fall Accidents

Apr 30, 2021 | Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and at any time but are typically a more common occurrence in colder weather states such as Colorado, given the higher incidence of ice and snow, which are some of the most common causes of a slip and fall accident. However, if you are injured in a slip and fall accident in Colorado, once you have received treatment for your injuries you will need to consider your legal options if you feel your injuries were caused by the negligence of another person or business.

Colorado Slip and fall accident lawsuits fall within United States tort law, namely that a slip and fall claim is a tort and is based on ones claim that the property owner was negligent by allowing an unsafe condition to exist that was the cause of the slip and fall accident The degree of negligence of the defendant, or business owner(s), that you and your Colorado slip and fall accident attorney are able to prove will the one of the most important factors in determining what amount of compensation you are entitled to receive for your injuries.

Pay close attention to the word degree in the last sentence. This is because in the majority of slip and fall cases in Colorado, and throughout the United States, a portion of the blame of who was at fault for your accident will be assessed to both YOU (for not paying attention etc.) AND the defendant (for not cleaning up a spill etc.) and it is for this reason above all, that blame is typically assigned to both parties to some degree, that you will need an experienced personal injury attorney who focuses on Colorado slip and fall case law to argue your case most effectively and to get you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries and suffering.

In preparation for a slip and fall case, to ensure optimal results you should be able to provide the following information to your attorney:

  • Photos of the accident scene. Pictures that can best show what the conditions were at the time of the accident are of the highest value to your case.
  • The names, phone numbers and any other contact information for as many witnesses to the scene as possible.
  • If the accident happened at a place of business, you should have received an “incident report”
  • Any reports of prior slip and fall accidents at this place of business
  • Proof of your injuries and damages, including medical bills, lost time at work etc.

Remember that if you have suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident in Colorado, and you feel that a business is at least partially responsible for your injuries and suffering, you need to contact a Colorado attorney experienced in slip and fall accident litigation immediately!