Vail Pass Rollover Accident on I-70

Jul 31, 2019 | Accidents

It’s been a tough summer on I-70.

On July 20th, a semi-truck caught fire on East Bound I-70 at Georgetown. Since the location of the fire was after a long downhill slope, it’s possible that the trucks brakes caught fire while descending. Luckily there were no injuries involved. If you drive a semi, please remember to adjust your brakes before attempting to descend I-70.

Just one week after, we are writing about another truck accident on I-70, injuring five people, including children.

What Happened?

According to the Colorado State Patrol, a semi-truck was coming Westbound down Vail Pass when it collided with a Ford Explorer towing a camper trailer. The collision caused the SUV to hit a Jeep Cherokee, rolling multiple times, injuring all five passengers.

When first responders arrived, they immediately treated the injured including three children, two 7-year olds and one 9-year-old. The injured were first transported to Vail Health and some of the injured were then taken to Denver Hospitals by a Flight for Life helicopter. As of Sunday afternoon, two children were still in critical condition.

The truck driver, 48-year-old Keith Thompson of Detroit, Michigan used a runaway ramp to stop the truck after the collision occurred. Neither Thompson nor the Jeep driver was injured.

Rollover Car Accident Injuries

Rollover accidents are one of the most violent and dangerous crashes that anyone can be involved in. During a rollover, the roof may be crushed or collapse on the driver and the passengers. Rollover car accident injuries are often catastrophic or fatal. Those accidents are especially dangerous when an occupant of the car is not wearing their seatbelt as that person can be ejected from the vehicle. We always recommend wearing your seatbelt, it will save your from more serious injuries or even death!

SUVs are taller than sedans and other types of vehicles. The higher centers of gravity make SUVs more susceptible to rolling when being hit by force.

According to NHTSA, speeding is another major factor in causing rollover accidents

40% of Fatal Rollovers were caused by excessive speeding.

When an SUV rolls, the majority of passengers and drivers could be seriously hurt from the impact and sustain multiple injuries with possible severe trauma in the head and neck.

Here are the some types of severe injuries from a rollover accident:

Traumatic brain injuries:

TBI such as skull fractures and brain injuries, are  common injuries from rollover accidents. These injuries can have life long effects which impact victims and their families.

Spinal cord injuries:

The tremendous forces in a rollover collision can severely injure your back and spine. In the worst scenarios, victims can be partially or completely paralyzed.

Neck injuries:

Rollover accidents can cause whiplash, slipped discs, and severe nerve and muscle damage.

Broken bones:

Since your arms and legs are free to move during a rollover broken bones are often seen in these types of collisions.

Following the wreck, the police charged the Thompson with five counts of careless driving. The cause of the crash is under investigation by the Colorado State Patrol, but police say that excessive speed and brake failure are possible factors of the cause. *Mr. Thompson is considered innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law.


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