Frequently Asked Questions About The Attorney-Client Relationship

May 17, 2023 | Frequently Asked Questions, Personal Injury

Many of the clients who visit our offices for the first time have never worked with a personal injury attorney before. They are seeking legal representation because they have been injured in an accident, but they are not sure how the attorney-client relationship works or what to expect. Here are some of the most common questions we get about that relationship and some answers that could help address basic concerns.

Is what I tell my attorney confidential?

An attorney owes what is known as a “duty of confidence” to clients and prospective clients. It’s one of the most fundamental obligations of the attorney-client relationship. In a personal injury case, that means, among other things, that your attorney can’t disclose your personal, financial or medical information to third parties without your consent.

Who makes the decisions about how to handle my case—me or my attorney?

Your attorney represents you in legal proceedings and serves as an advisor, but the key decisions — such as whether to pursue a claim to trial or to accept an offer of settlement — are yours to make. Some clients are content to let their attorneys handle many of the details, while others want to be more deeply involved in the process; in either scenario, attorneys can provide valuable guidance and advice because of their legal expertise and experience.

Aren’t personal injury attorneys intent on settling cases as fast as possible?

No. Your attorney has an obligation to operate in your best interest, not theirs. Depending on the situation, that might involve recommending that you accept an offer of settlement that represents fair compensation for your injuries, or it might mean advising you to reject an inadequate offer and fight for a better outcome.

What are the client’s obligations in the attorney-client relationship?

The best way to help your case is to be candid with your attorney. To help you recover from the accident and obtain compensation for your losses, your attorney will need to know how the accident has impacted your ability to work and your daily life, or any prior medical condition that an insurance company might try to “blame” for complications experienced after the accident. Your attorney needs to know the whole story in order to represent you effectively.

Don’t attorneys make money whether I win or lose?

Most personal injury law firms accept cases on a contingency basis. That means you pay no money up front, and the firm only gets paid if you receive a settlement or a favorable verdict. Consequently, there is no reason for the firm to mislead you about whether you have a good case; nor is there any financial incentive to pursue a poor case that should not have been brought. At the law firm of Franklin D. Azar & Associates, an initial consultation and evaluation of your case is without charge or obligation of any kind.


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