DUI Accidents & Denver Sobriety Court

Feb 12, 2021 | DUI Accidents

When it comes to a DUI, Frank Azar will aggresively represents the victims who have been injured in an accident. In an ideal world, people would have enough sense to not get in their cars after drinking, but in reality it happens all the time, and very commonly results in a DUI accident, where an innocent bystander is injured or killed.

Denver’s court system has implemented a new idea for reducing the number of DUI’s, and subsequently DUI Accidents in Denver. Sobriety court is an opt-in option for repeat offenders. They can choose sobriety court, rather than jail time. DUI offenders can choose to participate in a 18 – 24 month program that focuses on treating addiction, and requires frequent meetings with the judge and frequent, if not daily, Blood Alcohol screenings.

The idea is to help the individual who may have a drug addiction, or alcoholism, rather than simply throwing them in jail. It creates a system of support, which lasts much longer than a 6 month jail stay.

If you or someone you know has been injured, or killed in a DUI Accident please call Franklin D. Azar & Associates today, 303.757.3300