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Wells Fargo™ Auto Loans

If you had a Wells Fargo™ car loan between January 2012 and July 2016, you may be entitled to money damages. Wells Fargo™ is currently under investigation for improper treatment of its auto loan customers with respect to two different types of insurance. The time to file a claim is running out.

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You may be entitled to Compensation

In some circumstances, Wells Fargo forced clients to pay for auto insurance purchased by Wells Fargo and added to the monthly cost of borrower’s loans, even if the borrower already paid for and maintained their own auto insurance. This duplicate coverage resulted in borrowers paying higher monthly loan bills than quoted for expensive, duplicative insurance.

Loan Terms and Conditions
In other circumstances, borrowers who purchased GAP insurance sold their vehicles before the loan term expired, and Wells Fargo failed to reimburse the borrowers under their GAP insurance, despite the laws of many States requiring them to do so.
If you have received an auto loan from Wells Fargo and believe you may have experienced any of this conduct, contact the attorneys at Franklin D. Azar & Associates immediately. The time to file a claim is running out. Call 800-716-9032 to get started!