I didn’t think I would have a case or would have a lawyer believe me. I was hit by an uninsured driver and was left with a bad concussion and awful hip pain that was starting to get worse. Family encouraged me to reach out to a lawyer so I called Frank Azar Law Firm. The minute they answered the phone they were friendly, understanding and helpful. They believed me that I was in pain and right away set me up with a doctor who got me to PT and a steroid pain shot. I went from sleeping couch due to being unable to roll over, unable to clean my own home for longer than 30 minutes to being pain-free. I still have to keep up with the PT exercises to keep the pain at bay but I’m back to my normal self! I wouldn’t have been able to get the help I needed without the Frank Azar team, specifically my lawyer Jonathan; who kept me informed and explained everything, every step of the way. If you get hit and it was not your fault then call Frank Azar. They will help you!