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FDAzar > Class Action Lawsuit Against Liberty Mutual

Class Action Lawsuit Against Liberty Mutual For Unpaid Taxes and Fees

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (“Liberty Mutual”) underwrites and sells auto insurance policies for motor vehicles in Colorado.  Investigation by Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C. (“FDAzar”) into Liberty Mutual’s insurance payment practices have revealed a systemic failure to pay or fully pay certain taxes and/or fees related to the total loss of a motor vehicle as mandated by Colorado Revised Statutes § 10-4-639.


FDAzar filed a class action lawsuit on February 22, 2019, Barbara Trudgian v. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Case No. 2019-cv-30732 (Colo. Dist. 2019), alleging that Liberty Mutual, as part of its normal business practices, failed to pay its insureds certain statutorily mandated fees when it deemed its insureds’ vehicles a total loss even though under Colorado law, it is required to “pay title fees, sales tax, and any other transfer or registration fee associated with the total loss of a motor vehicle.”

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You may have a claim against Liberty Mutual if you obtained an insurance policy from Liberty Mutual and your insured vehicle was deemed a total loss. CONTACT FDAZAR IMMEDIATELY.  We will fight to get you the recovery you deserve.


FDAZAR is well known in the class action community.  For over 30 years, our attorneys have protected the rights of individuals who have been taken advantage of by big corporations, and during that time, have secured over $1.5 billion in compensation – including over $750 million from Walmart in a wage and hour dispute that spanned approximately 26 states.

FDAzar has been and is involved in class actions and mass tort against other large corporations like Facebook, Google, Marriot, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, British Petroleum, drug manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and 401k providers.  Our class action department is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who focus on litigating large, complex cases on behalf of consumers, employees and investors who have suffered losses.

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