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FDAzar > Pedestrian Accident Safety Tips

Pedestrian Accident Safety Tips


Accidents can happen while walking or riding a bicycle where other vehicles are present. Needless to say, a pedestrian will fair far worse in a collision with a 2000 lb vehicle. So it’s always a good idea to know how to stay safe while walking or biking around town.

When possible, crossing the street should always be done at a cross-walk or designated intersection. Jaywalking greatly increases your risk of becoming a victim when crossing a street where drivers are not expecting you. If walking/biking at night, carry a flashlight, wear reflecting or bright clothing. Dawn is a time in the evening wear visibility becomes very difficult. If there’s no sidewalk to safely stroll, walk on the shoulder of a roadway, and always walk in the opposite direction that traffic is moving. This way you can keep your eye on a vehicle that might swerve off the road. For more information, please visit this website