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Attorney Wade Zobel

Wade Zobel

Wade Zobel

“I am an attorney because I want to provide help to injured parties. It’s that simple”

Wade G. Zobel was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska where he developed his love for the outdoors. It’s one of the many reasons Mr. Zobel chose the University of Colorado for his undergraduate studies because he felt at home in the mountains. In 2003, it was there Wade received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

After completing his undergraduate education, he moved to San Luis Potosi, Mexico where he lived for two years teaching English. During this time, Mr. Zobel became fluent in Spanish; a skill he now uses every day in his legal practice by predominantly working on Spanish speaking cases. One of his proudest career accomplishments is being able to remove language barriers by helping Spanish speakers have access to the justice system.

Upon returning to Denver, Mr. Zobel worked at Frank Azar & Associates as a bilingual legal investigator for roughly five years before continuing his education at Gonzaga University-School of Law. In 2013, he graduated Magna Cum Lade from Gonzaga University School of Law and returned to Denver where he re-joined Frank Azar & Associates team in August 2013.

Mr. Zobel has been a licensed member of the Colorado bar since November 2013. He also is licensed representative in the Kalispell Tribal Court in Washington State, where he handles cases on the reservation in tribal court. He is also a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association

Wade’s pastime enjoyments include a true love for downhill skiing, hiking and camping. He also likes to experience tasting exotic foods and cheering on his favorite team, the Denver Bronco’s. However, his happiest moments are spending time with his wife Coral.

Mr. Zobel is enthusiastic about the clients he represents and proudly assists the Hispanic community in Colorado with their personal injury matters. He is an addition to the law firm that is truly respected and commended for his character and skillset.