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Attorney Patric Lehouillier

Patric LeHouillier

Patric LeHouillier

Personal Injury Attorney


As a lawyer, Patric is a unique individual in that he did not graduate from high school, nor did he get a bachelor’s degree prior to law school. At 17, he began four years of service with the United States Marine Corps which included a tour in Vietnam. After his stint in the Marine Corps, he enrolled in college but sought an early law school admission. He not only was admitted but received a scholarship to attend Syracuse College of Law from which he graduated with honors in 1974.

Patric’s first job out of law school was as a Special Prosecutor in New York City, prosecuting corruption-related offenses on the heels of the Serpico revelations and KNAPP Commission Report. (His office in New York City was located in Tower II of the World Trade Center.)

Patric moved to Colorado in 1976. He served as a Deputy District Attorney in Pueblo, Colorado for a year before moving to Colorado Springs where he has been in private practice since 1977.

In private practice, Patric originally did a variety of cases including a brief stint as a Special Prosecutor as well as a great deal of criminal defense work. One of his greatest achievements was the representation of Glenn Herner, a Longmont police officer who had shot and killed two individuals in the line of duty but as a consequence was charged with murder. It was a long battle, but Officer Herner was eventually acquitted by the Boulder County jury.

On the civil side, Patric has tried a wide variety of cases including traditional personal injury cases, insurance bad-faith cases, and many professional liability cases. One of his recent victories included Goff v. Anderson, Hemmat, and Levine, an attorney malpractice case which resulted in a judgment in excess of two million dollars.

Patric’s reputation is that of a very aggressive litigator. His is known for innovation and is certainly willing to embark on new and novel legal theories when the occasions present themselves.