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Not Just A Denver Auto Accident Attorney

“Frank is an incredibly engaged individual, and an incredibly dedicated lawyer”, states Valerie Ridolfi in an interview with Steve Murphy of The Insider Exclusive. Helmet manufacturer, Riddell, has been faced with many lawsuits regarding the safety of their helmets. Riddell has never been defeated in any of these lawsuits until now.

Recently Franklin D. Azar won a verdict against Riddell, a major helmet manufacturer for football helmets. The verdict, $11.5 million, was awarded to an injured young man by the name of Rhett Ridolfi. Mr. Ridolfi was injured during a football practice back in August of 2008. Mr. Ridofi suffered a traumatic brain injury and now suffers from a multitude of ailments, including depression and partial paralysis. Steve Murphy, of The Insider Exclusive, covered the story of Rhett’s injuries, the battle waged by Mr. Frank Azar, and how they were victorious over a huge company like Riddell helmet manufacturers. Click here to read more about Mr. Ridolfi’s story.