Colorado's Busiest - and Most Dangerous - Bridges


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The buzzword of the day is infrastructure. After years of neglect, state and federal officials are turning their attention to a long list of public works projects designed to spark the economy, improve our roads, and make getting around safer for everyone.            

In Washington, the Biden administration is pushing a $2 trillion plan to rebuild infrastructure and restructure the economy. In Colorado, officials plan to devote a hefty budget surplus to a post-COVID “recovery plan” that includes $170 million in shovel-ready road projects, including improvements to the Eisenhower-Johnson tunnels and long-delayed repairs of crumbling bridges.

The need is critical, particularly in addressing heavily traveled and less-than-sound bridges and overpasses. According to a recent report prepared by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), Colorado has 1,298 bridges in need of repair, at an estimated total cost of $962 million. Of the 8,829 bridges in the state, 481 (around 5 percent) are classified as structurally deficient. That means one of the key elements is in poor or worse condition.

Although many of the structurally deficient bridges are in rural areas, others can be found on heavily traveled stretches of the interstate highway system. Below is ARTBA’s list of the top ten most traveled structurally deficient bridges in Colorado. All but one are in the Denver metro area and were built in the 1960s or early 1970s; the one exception, the Cache La Poudre bridge over Monument Creek in Colorado Springs, was built in 1940.  Four of them are already under repair or are targeted for replacement as part of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Central 70 Project.


Location                                              Daily Crossings          Year Built

I-70 over US 6                                         157,000                       1964

I-70 W over Rock Island RR                   146,000                       1964

I-70 W over Northfield/Quebec            146,000                       1964

I-70 E over Northfield/Quebec             146,000                       1964

I-225/I-25 Interchange                           146,000                       1971

I-70 E over Rock Island RR                     146,000                       1960

I-70 E over Kipling                                   135,000                       1967

I-70 W over Kipling                                  135,000                       1967

Cache La Poudre over Monument       130,000                       1940

US 6 over Wadsworth                             116,000                       1972



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