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Cambodian Community Dream Organization: Refurbished Well

CCDO Well Sign

20th March, 2018 Frank Azar & Associates Aurora, CO, USA Dear Frank Azar and Associates, Thank you for your generous donation in support of the Cambodian Community Dream Organization for a refurbished well. Your gift helps us achieve our mission of providing opportunities for children living in poverty in Cambodia to grow up healthy and educated by building clean-water wells and providing food, clothing, school supplies and support for teachers. Truly, with this gift, you are helping families in the poorest communities, saving lives and giving hundreds of children a chance to be happy, to be engaged in the world around them through...

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The Epitome of Automobiles. NASCAR and how it all started.

NASCAR has become a staple of American culture and is generally revered as one of the nation’s biggest sports. Though on the surface NASCAR may seem like it’s just about car racing, the history of the sport is far more complex. Today NASCAR vehicles can travel at up to 200 MPH, speed through stadiums that hold 170,000 spectators, and cost millions of dollars to create. But that wasn’t always the case; in fact the first cars that made up NASCAR were regular cars that anyone could drive and have their history intertwined with American law. Since the creation of the United...

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Motorcycle Safety, Underage Drinking & Driving, and Holiday Weekends

We cannot control the choices other people make before getting behind the wheel, but we can educate them The past weekend in Colorado was a happy time. A time to join together with family and eat, play, and reminisce. Of course, this is not how the weekend played out for all families. One family in particular lost one of their own in a terrible accident involving a motorcycle and a car load of underage teens. The teens are alleged to have been drinking, and the driver of the car was not even legally supposed to be behind the wheel. Names of...

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How is new technology in cars contributing to Distracted Driver Accidents

Within the last 20 years the roads have become a lot more dangerous. Not because of less money spent on road repairs, nor is it due to more drivers present on the road at any given time. The reality of the dangers we face today have to do with technology. You’ve likely heard the coverage over the years regarding texting and driving, but research shows that texting is not the sole distraction that drivers face in this day and age. In fact, texting wasn’t even the first. Now we use a term that encompasses any type of activity that might...

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10 Common Misconceptions of a Personal Injury Claim

What You Need To Know If You Find Yourself In The Midst Of A Personal Injury Claim Personal injuries after a major car accident can easily leave injured parties with accumulating medical expenses at a time when they might also be dealing with a decrease in earnings as a result of their injuries. Yet sadly, many individuals are dissuaded from getting legal representation and pursuing an injury lawsuit because of common misconceptions concerning the personal injury claims procedure. This article is intended to set the record straight regarding such misconceptions and motivate anyone to talk about your claim with us...

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Metal on Metal Hip Implant Recall Settlement Announced – $4 Billion

If you’ve had your implant replaced, or don’t know what type of hip implant you have, please read on Johnson & Johnson, or J&J (NYSE: JNJ), recently agreed to compensate $4 billion for the settlement deal regarding countless claims submitted against the brand over a faulty metal hip implant, leading to the biggest payout in liability cases over a medical item in the United State Of America, news agencies stated. Types of Hips Affected DePuy ASR DePuy Pinnacle Wright Conserve Wright ProFemur Stryker Rejuvenate Stryker ABG II Biomet M2A Magnum Complications Caused by Defective Hips Failure of the device (breaking, needing early replacement) Dislocation of the hip Leaking toxic substances into the bloodstream Loss...

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Congratulations to the Bear Creek Mustangs little league football team

As part of his goal of giving back to the communities of Colorado Frank Azar sponsored the Bear Creek Mustangs little league football team, a team in the Bear Creek Junior Sports Association and the Jeffco Midget Football Association. In the 2012 season the Mustangs ended their year well, competing in the quarter finals of the playoffs. Please visit their Facebook page to show your support....

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Denver Personal Injury Attorney, Frank Azar, talks about what to do in case of a slip and fall

Frank Azar explains what to do in case you are involved in a slip and fall accident Our Denver Slip and fall attorneys see accidents that cause both minor and major injuries. In an accident where someone under the age of 25 may incur only a bruise or scratch, an individual of advanced age could fall and break a hip. Injuries, such as the latter, could lead to financial disaster and dramatic changes in mobility and quality of life. Also, snow and ice are not the only reasons someone might fall. A slip and fall accident can happen any time of...

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Jury Awards $7.8 million in Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Verdict

Linda Gross, a former nurse in South Dakota, was awarded $3.35 million in February in a lawsuit brought against Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Inc. Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Inc. is the manufacturer of a Transvaginal Mesh Implant that is said to have a faulty design. This faulty design has required the Ms. Gross to undergo eighteen revision surgeries in order to correct problems from the original vaginal mesh implant. Click here to read the full story ...

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