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Some day, and perhaps sooner than we realize, the software in our cars may become so sophisticated, flawless, and easy to use that the morning commute to work will be truly stress-free, accident-free, and even hands-free. But recent reports of setbacks for cars that “drive themselves,” to one degree or another, indicate that motorists still have a long way to go before they can turn over the wheel to a truly autonomous driving system...

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In the megahit movie Black Panther, much of the plot revolves around the struggle to control the world’s supply of vibranium, an incredibly rare and versatile substance that’s the secret to the Black Panther’s powers. Vibranium is strong enough to cut through any metal, yet also can absorb sound and serve as body armor; in herb form, it can heal the mortally wounded and endow the user with superhuman strength and agility...

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Can Drug Companies Be Held Accountable For The Opioid Crisis?

Across America, communities large and small are grappling with a drug problem like nothing the nation has ever seen before. The opioid epidemic has devastated families reeling from the impacts of addiction, overwhelmed first responders scrambling to save lives from overdoses, and prompted government officials to launch investigations into the role prescription painkillers have played in triggering a public health crisis...

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Imagine, for a moment, that you’re the president of a bank. A very big bank. A bank entrusted with guarding the precious valuables of millions of customers. One day law enforcement warns you that your alarm system has a glitch that needs to be fixed. You pass the message on to members of your security team, who assure you that they’re on top of the problem. But a few months later, you get some distressing news. For at least the past ten weeks, a back door to the bank has been left unlocked every night, and the vault has been...

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Sticker shock is no longer limited to shopping for a car. It’s also a common experience when you receive the bill for your auto insurance. Premiums have been going up, up, up in recent years, far exceeding the rate of inflation. Since 2015 rates have gone up 15 percent nationwide, according to the Consumer Price Index, while the prices of other consumer goods increased by only four percent in the same period. According to a new report by The Zebra, an online search service that tracks car insurance rates, the national average annual premium for car insurance is now $1,427,...

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Wells Fargo Auto Loans Debacle: Corporate Culture Gone Wrong?

Executives at Wells Fargo have done a lot of apologizing lately. A series of missteps by the company over the past two years has resulted in a flood of customer complaints, harsh criticism from lawmakers, and rebukes from regulators over alleged “widespread consumer abuses.” The situation has also prompted considerable head-scratching and commentary from business journalists and other observers trying to figure out “what went wrong” inside one of the world’s biggest banks. Explaining the misfires at Wells Fargo isn’t easy. The company was fined $185 million by federal banking regulators for creating millions of bank and credit card accounts...

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What You Should Know About Buying Car Insurance

Auto insurance is one of the great paradoxes of modern life. Every driver is required to have it, and nobody wants to be in the position of having to use it. Yet the need for the right kind of protection for you and your loved ones has never been greater; the incidence of severe car accidents has been steadily increasing since 2011, and the number of fatalities on the road — caused primarily by alcohol, speeding, or distracted driving — is the highest it’s been in a decade. Even if you’re an exceptionally cautious driver with no accidents on your record,...

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5280 Top Lawyer

Franklin D. Azar Personal Injury Attorneys

At Azar & Associates, an experienced team of lawyers is the standard. From diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country, these attorneys represent the stability and longevity of Azar & Associates. Bob Markel, a litigator handling serious injury claims, has been with the firm for 24 years. Tonya Melnichenko and Kenneth Pennywell, a tandem of highly experienced attorneys, have both been at the firm over 17 years. With each handling complex personal injury claims, experience counts. Natalie Brown, named a 5280 Top Lawyer, joined Azar & Associates 3 years ago along with DezaRae LaCrue to focus on insurance and catastrophic...

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