“Serious injuries are invariably difficult to cope with. I take great pride in pursuing economic recoveries for my clients so they can focus on the physical recovery process.”

Gregory Dowty grew up in San Ramon, California and received his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. During his time at Northeastern University, Gregory realized that he wanted to become an attorney as he wanted to find a career in which he would be able to solve difficult problems while helping those in need. Gregory attended University of Missouri – Kansas City Law School. While in law school Gregory clerked for the Midwest Innocence Project where he worked on assisting individuals who were wrongfully convicted for crimes that they did not commit.  

Mr. Dowty earned his law degree in 2017 and then began working for an insurance carrier where he gained valuable insight into the strategies and processes of insurance carriers. Later, he gained experience on the Plaintiffs’ side by working for two different personal injury firms in Kansas City. He has developed a strong passion for representing those who have been injured due to the negligent actions of others.

Gregory and his wife moved to Denver in 2019 so she could pursue a job opportunity at Kutak Rock as an Associate Attorney and so they could be closer to family. Gregory is currently licensed in Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas. Outside of work, Gregory enjoys hiking, golfing, and playing hockey.